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My Story

A Journey To Authentic Visibility

I haven't always been as authentically visible as I am now.

In fact, it took me many years to own my story, find courage, uncover my strengths, deal with limiting self-belief and insecurity to get to a place where I could stand up, speak out and shape my world to have what I want, say what I believe, and live freely as a proud gay man.

The COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 were my tipping points, my line-in-the-sand moment. I knew I had to face up to my truth, be open and live an authentic life if I was to have meaning and be happy. The truth is, I had been hiding for most of my life, stuck in an incorrect belief system and unable to reach my full potential. An incident in 2021 changed it all while I was out walking. I saw what happiness and freedom could look like and it made me take action and stand in my truth. It was so liberating and has opened up all sorts of possibilities and opportunities for my creative work, my writing, and being a leader and visibility advocate in the community.

In 2022 I came up with a story that ultimately became my first full-length novel. I sat down in March 2023 and wrote the first draft of what I'm calling 'Bondi Encounter'. I finished it in September 2023. I'm editing the story now and rewriting and improving some of the chapters before I send it to my editor for a full and fearless edit. I'm expecting lots of red ink and suggestions, before I create the final draft and then publish it myself as an indie author.

What motivates me now? Visibility, because I believe it's the first, important step to leadership, especially for anyone with a diverse background, or for people who have been traditionally under-represented in society, at work, in teams and organisations. Like women, LGBTQIA+ people, First Nations people, people with different abilities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, religious beliefs and people of different ages.

That brings me to diversity and a passion I have for making diversity more visible. Why? Because I firmly believe diversity and inclusion changes perspectives, breaks down misunderstandings and make the world a better, more tolerant and accepting place. And that's good for society, because it leads to harmony, peace and better productivity.

Where am I going from here? These are some of my current activities:

  • Writing stories that showcase the resilience and potential of the human spirit

  • Creating and producing content that changes minds and transforms perspectives

  • Coaching people to step up and be visible, empowered and able to lead and make an impact

  • Publishing ideas, content, books and stories that amplify diversity and celebrate inclusion.

Work with me to uncover your stories, ideas and experiences that highlight diversity. Or, let me coach and mentor you (or your people) to be more visible and empowered, using the five steps in my program, The Visibility Advantage.

I also consult on ways to communicate and celebrate diversity and inclusion. I'm passionate about health and wellbeing. I have two non-fiction books I'm working on that will help develop leadership skills and abilities and, secondly, help people have a good life after 40 years of age.


Stay tuned or follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn for more information. Use the online form below to arrange a conversation. Thanks for being here!

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