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My story

Jonathan Watcham, Indie Author

I'm Jonathan (Jono to my friends). I'm a storyteller, content creator and serial entrepreneur. In 2023 I wrote my first full-length novel which I'm currently editing while working on a prequel and a sequel.


I love writing things, like content for campaigns, material for marketing projects and all types of communications that can have an impact and might even change the world.

I've spent more than 25 years in marketing, advertising and publishing. I've worked for big agencies and set up my own smaller ones. I've created and published books, designed and developed marketing campaigns and written and edited all kinds of articles, posts, reports, brochures, scripts and proposals. 

My focus these days is on producing content that changes lives, makes diversity more visible and tells stories that uncovers the truth and challenges limiting beliefs.

Works with me or check out some of my current projects.

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